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Mothering & Borderline Personality Disorder.

Another symptom of my BPD is impulsive behaviour. Luckily, I have managed this and can now internalise the impulses purely because I worried that if anyone else knew about them or witnessed them maybe I wouldn’t be allowed to keep my child. This has been assured to me would not have been the case but when I get an idea in my head I obsess. An example of my impulsive behaviour would be touching electric hot plate that had a pan of boiling water on it to see just how hot it was. In case you are wondering… really fucking hot, I don’t recommend it!

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My Battle with Bulimia

Anyone who’s had an Eating Disorder knows that ultimately it’s never about weight or how you look, although you think so at the time.  It runs much deeper than that.  So from 17 onwards whenever times got hard, or I got stressed, I would binge on food and throw it up.  I would get lost in the cycle.  Sometimes I would be in control of it, sometimes it would be in control of me.

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