Who or rather what is Make Motherhood Diverse?

“Every child is different” goes the saying, but surely the same can be said for mothers too?

Despite the enormous spectrum of realities, however, too often we are fed a singular story about motherhood.

It’s one that dominates the adverts, the online influencers and features large in what we see projected into our homes via tv and film, but it’s a representation that so many mothers do not identify with.

Make Motherhood Diverse is not an act of exclusion. We don’t want to ignore the mothers in the adverts; the middle-class white mothers with glossy hair and immaculate clothes. What we want is to do is represent this version of motherhood truthfully: as part of the picture, not its whole. 

Make Motherhood Diverse is an act of inclusion.

Because when we look at representations of motherhood in our society awareness demands we ask, where are the black mums, the brown mums, the differently-abled mums? Where are those caring for children with additional needs? Where are those with tattoos and piercings, pink hair or those who just don’t care about their appearance? Where are the gay mums, the fat mums, the working class mums? Where are the mums who might tick several or all of these boxes? 

you’re all out there, but ask yourself how many times do we see your faces or hear your stories? 

 Make Motherhood Diverse wants to change this. Yes, it’s only a hashtag, just another social media campaign, but by reading the stories of mothers who do not look like us, who do not sound like us, or dress like us, whose children don’t look or behave like ours, perhaps we can learn. 

 Perhaps we can start to celebrate the things that make us different, and maybe, through the prism of motherhood, we can start to realize just how much we have in common. 

Make Motherhood Diverse aims to represent every experience equally, democratically, and inclusively, using the pictures mothers choose to take, and the words they choose to use.

We don’t speak for anyone, you speak for yourselves. We simply provide visibility, a level and reaching platform, for all the “types” of mother you can possibly think of to stand tall, proud and heard.